Terms and Conditions

Welcome to the Liza Shop website and application (the "Site"). These terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") apply to the Site, and all of its divisions, subsidiaries, and affiliate operated Internet sites which reference these Terms and Conditions. This website is owned and operated by Liza Bangladesh Limited.
Liza Shop is a market place which, subject to terms and conditions (as may be amended or modified from time to time), is open for everybody to sell their products on our Site. None of the products listed on the Site are owned or sold by Liza Shp, neither is Liza Shop involved in the actual sale transaction between the buyers and sellers on its Site. For the purpose of this website "we", "us" and "our" all refer to Liza Shop.
By accessing the Site, you confirm your understanding of the Terms and Conditions and agree to comply with these terms and conditions. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions of use, please do not access, register with or use this Site. The Site reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions of use at any time. Changes will be effective when posted on the Site with no other notice provided. Please check these Terms and Conditions of use regularly for updates. Your continued use of the Site following the posting of changes to these Terms and Conditions of use constitutes your acceptance of those changes.
Before you may become or continue as a member of the Site, you must read, agree with and accept these Terms and Conditions and Liza Shop Privacy Policy. You must read these Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy and access and read all further linked information referred to in these Terms and Conditions, as such information contains further terms and conditions that apply to you as a user of Liza Shop. Such linked information including but not limited to the Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated by reference into these Terms and conditions.

Use of the Site

While using the Site, you will not:
post information or content or list items in an inappropriate category or areas on our Site;
post items you do not have a right to link to or include;
post information that is (which we deem at our sole discretion) false, fraudulent, inaccurate, misleading, libelous, defamatory, slanderous, unlawful, threatening or would be reasonably considered to constitute harassment;
post comments, questions or answers that are not factual in nature including without limitation make any racist or discriminatory comments, use profanity, abuse another user, disrespect another's culture or make any other derogatory or inappropriate comments;
post counterfeit or stolen items;
post information or items which infringe any third party's intellectual property rights, other proprietary rights or right to privacy;
post obscene information or content or products containing or depicting obscene information or content, including but not limited to pornography or any representation which may (in our sole discretion) be considered indecent;
post information or content which may (in our sole discretion) constitute offensive or critical political content or content that is contrary to the public interest;
post any information or content or list items which may (in our sole discretion) be considered culturally or religiously offensive in any way;
post any information or content or list items which may not be considered to be in compliance with laws, rules or morals, values, ethics and traditions (as deemed by us at our sole discretion);
post Information or content or list items which may (in our sole discretion) threaten national security;
post Information or content or list items which may (in our sole discretion) constitute or be considered to promote gambling;
use "keyword spamming" in listing items for sale (when you place brand names or other inappropriate keywords in a tittle or description for the purpose of gaining attention or diverting members to a listing);
fail to deliver payment for items purchased by you, unless the seller has materially changed the item's description or related matters after you purchased it, a clear typographical error is made, or you cannot authenticate the seller's identity – in which case, you must promptly inform Liza Shop.com.bd;
fail to deliver items purchased from you, unless the buyer fails to meet the posted terms, or you cannot authenticate the buyer's identity;
attempt to conclude transactions relating to an offer for sale on the Site (including by cancelling an offer of sale) outside of the Site;
use contacts made by buying or selling on the Site to solicit (including by email or otherwise) sales on other items directly and/or from another website;
claim an item was not sold when in Liza Shop's sole discretion the item was sold in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the Site's policies;
in case of purchase of/placing a successful offer for an artwork which is marked as "non-exportable" on the Site you agree that the artwork shall not be exported out of Bangladesh or otherwise dealt in any such manner which shall be in contravention of any applicable laws and regulations for the time being in force;
manipulate or attempt to manipulate the Site in any way including the prices of any item or services on the Site (either alone or in conjunction with other users);
circumvent or manipulate our fee structure, or fees owed to Liza Shop;
take any action that may undermine the Site's feedback and ratings systems (including but not limited to the display, import or export of feedback information off the Site or use of such information for purposes unrelated to Liza Shop);
transfer your Site account (including feedback) and username to another party without our consent;
distribute or post spam, unsolicited or bulk electronic communications, chain letters, or pyramid schemes;
distribute viruses, Trojan horses, worms, time bombs, cancelbots, Easter eggs or other computer programming technologies that may harm the Site, or the interests or property of the Site's users;
create liability for us or cause us to lose (in whole or in part) the services of our ISPs or other suppliers;
take any action that imposes or may impose (in our sole discretion) an unreasonable or disproportionately large load on our infrastructure;
interfere or attempt to interfere with the proper working of the Site;
attempt to take over another user's account or carry out any hacking or phishing of the Site or user accounts and related features;
export or re-export any Site tools except in compliance with the export control laws of any relevant jurisdictions;
copy, modify, or distribute any content from the Site or otherwise infringe the Site's copyright material and/or trademarks in any way;
violate any laws, rules, regulations, guidelines, third party rights or our policies;
abuse Liza Shop's Shipping Policy , Listing Policy , or any of Liza Shop's other policies or Terms and Conditions posted on the Site from time to time;
directly or indirectly, offer, attempt to offer, trade in, attempt to trade in, or include descriptions or links to any of the following items:
securities, including shares, bonds, debentures, or any other financial instruments or assets of any description;
living or dead creatures and/or the whole or any part of any animal which has been kept or preserved by any means whether artificial or natural including rugs, skins, specimens of animals, antlers, horns, hair, feathers, nails, teeth, musk, eggs, nests, other animal products of any description the sale and purchase of which is prevented or restricted in any manner by applicable laws;
weapons of any description;
liquor, tobacco products, drugs, psychotropic substances, narcotics, intoxicants of any description, medicines, palliative/curative substances;
religious items, including books, artifacts, etc. of any description or any other such item which is likely to affect the religious sentiments of any person;
antiquities and art treasures as defined in applicable laws pertaining to antiquities and national treasures;
used cellular phone SIM Cards, except if the transaction is in accordance with the local operators' rules pertaining to transfer of ownership of the same;
items that to your knowledge are defective, fake, damaged, false or misleading or that may through normal use harm another Site user's interest or health; fresh food; non-transferable vouchers; chemicals; books or publications that have been banned from sale or distribution in the country.

You undertake, represent and warrant that:
you are 18 years of age or over the age of 18 years or are accessing the Site under the supervision of a parent or legal guardian;
if you are a corporate representative, you have authority to bind the corporate entity;
you are the sole and exclusive legal and beneficial owner of all items of any description that you wish to offer for sale on the Site and you have complete right, title and authority to deal in and offer for sale such items;
you will inform Liza Shop of any postings, items or transactions which appear to be in violation of these Terms and Conditions;
you shall comply with all applicable domestic and international laws and regulations regarding and relating to your use of the Site;
information you provide on the Site in respect of items you wish to sell shall be as accurate as reasonably possible;
you will not disclose your contact details including but not limited to phone numbers, addresses, or email addresses in the buying or listing processes, or anywhere on the Site including the feedback area, discussion forum or through any e-mail feature of the Site intended to bypass use of Liza Shop;
you will not use contact information provided to you during the course of a transaction on the Site to solicit additional sales offline or on another website;
you will not harvest or otherwise collect information about users, including but not limited to email addresses and other contact information; and
you will not disclose or publicize any personal information about users or otherwise access or use information about other users in a manner which (in our sole discretion) may constitute a breach of privacy and/or applicable laws.